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Agile/Lean Coaching

Agile/Lean Coaching is a process where an experienced coach observes the team to understand what attitudes, practices and communication problems are keeping them from being more effective. The coach will identify issues that are disrupting the flow of work, causing rework or causing redundant work or other wasted effort.

Agile/Lean Training

We offer an integrated and comprehensive portfolio of certified and customised training. Our courses cover all the main frameworks in Agile, Lean/Kanban, Project Management, and Scaling. We deliver everything from single courses at your location (or at one of our training locations), to a full managed service providing all your training needs worldwide.

Agile/Lean Strategy

Successful organisational transformation requires business-wide alignment. Organisations need to deliver robust messages with clarity and without ambiguity. What if you could visualise your ideas, make it easier for others to relate to what you have in mind, keep stakeholders engaged and make team collaboration more effective?

Agile/Lean Delivery Management

Enabling you to deliver quality products, on time, on cost by providing our certified practitioners, low risk, high-quality, proven Agile professionals who deliver excellent results for your business.

Enterprise-scale Process Improvement

Helping your business succeed with the knowledge, resources, and implementation practices needed to meet and exceed your Agile/Lean transformation goals. Services include onsite coaching, assisting in developing your Agile/Lean working group, training Agile/Lean Leaders, Launching Agile Release Trains, Program Portfolio Management and more.

Agile/Lean Business Partnership

Are telephony, email, groupware or e-commerce your core skills? Us neither, that's why we outsource it. We found services so good that we would like to share them so if you need any part of your business infrostruture hosting then we have the solution.

About us

Agileholics are highly experienced Agile Coaches,
Change Managers and Delivery Managers,
who have introduced Agile methods into
enterprises of up to 3,000 people
and delivered many leading Digital
and eCommerce solutions.

We are Agile/Lean practitioners, champions
and thought leaders with decades of experience
working with ThoughtWorks, Ivar Jacobson, IBM
and other major consultancies, suppliers and SIs.

We are certified in most major Agile methods
such as Scrum, Scalable Agile Framework (SAFe)
and Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD).

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